About Us

Autoflo have been synonymous with the design and the production of innovative and award-winning hand washing solutions for over three decades.

Our approach has always been driven by the necessity to deliver a totally touch free hand wash utilising a vortex head with auto shut off feature to prevent water wastage.

Our in-house design and development team use cutting edge design software to continually review and enhance our products. This also includes our bespoke designed packaging to ensure our product reaches you as it left us.

Following the untimely death of founder Adrian Farrant in March 2018 ownership of the company finally passed in January 2020. Now under the stewardship of Managing Director Dee Lewis, we have moved premises and are proud to be offering a new hygiene station.

Supplying worldwide to Butchers, Bakers and Chocolate makers through to our Nations favourite supermarket, proud to cater for the requirements of over 5,000 customers.

The customer base incorporates anywhere globally where sanitised hand washing is a basic requirement.

Hand washing

Touch free technology, combining water and electric to produce a perfect hand wash water temperature instantly.


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Please call or email us to discuss your requirements. A member of our team is waiting to help.


Hand Sanitation

The delivery of a precise and controlled amount of product. The unit can be wiped down easily during routine cleaning.