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Autoflo have been synonymous with the design and the production of innovative and award-winning hand washing solutions for over three decades.

We export our products to most countries in Europe and worldwide.

Our approach has always been driven by the necessity to deliver a totally touch free hand wash utilising a vortex head with auto shut off feature to prevent water wastage.

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Face Shield

Faced with a global pandemic it is essential to keep ourselves protected. Our face shield aligns with current safe practice. It is simple to fit and offers a shield against spreading germs and viruses. Essential if you’re a key worker or likely to come into contact with people during the day and feel the need to protect yourself. These full face shields are dispatched assembled and ready to use immediately. They are manufactured and assembled here in the UK.

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Hand Washing

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Adaptor Plate and Auto Sensor

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Mobile Hygiene Station

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AVS Hand wash

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Portowash WU5 Hygiene Hand wash Station


Touch free technology, combining water and electric to produce a perfect hand wash water temperature instantly.


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Hand Sanitation

The delivery of a precise and controlled amount of product. The unit can be wiped down easily during routine cleaning.