Stainless Steel Hygiene Hand wash Stations

The Stainless Steel Hygiene Hand wash Station combined with the Auto sensor provides perfect touch-free hand washing.

Manufactured using 240S Grit finish – 304 grade stainless steel making it an ideal solution in an application where strength and durability is required.

All welds are ground and polished finished.

Available as Single, Two, Three and Four station options.

Technical Specifications

  • Unique design requiring only a cold water feed and a 13 amp electrical supply.
  • Turn water on or off with the wave of your hand using the infra red sensor.
  • The vortex spray head produces a concentrated spray for the ultimate cleaning of hands.
  • High efficiency creates water savings of up to 80% compared to standard taps with a 20 second auto shut off feature.
  • The 3kW unit produces hand washing temperature of 40-43°C
  • Simple to install and operate, the Autoflo Stainless Steel Hygiene hand wash Stations have revolutionised hand washing.