Porto wash WU5 Hygiene Hand wash Station

The Porto wash WU5 Hygiene hand wash Station combines the Auto sensor providing a touch-free hand wash for temporary or semi permanent applications.

The WU5 comes with full electrical protection to all areas and is used where there is a permanent supply of fresh running water and a 13amp electrical supply.

An option of a PIR light can be fitted to the unit if required.

Image three shows typical WU5 installation in a portable toilet.

Technical Specifications

  • Unique design requiring only a cold water feed and a 13 amp electrical supply.
  • Turn water on or off with the wave of your hand using the infra red sensor.
  • The vortex spray head produces a concentrated spray for the ultimate cleaning of hands.
  • High efficiency creates water savings of up to 80% compared to standard taps with a 20 second auto shut off feature.
  • The 3kW unit produces hand washing temperature of 40-43°C
  • Simple to install and operate, the Autoflo Porto wash WU5 Hygiene hand wash Station has revolutionised hand washing.