Adaptor Plate and Auto Sensor

For our existing clients who have the Original Auto Sensor we have created an adaptor plate which comes pre-drilled and marked for fixing, together with drill bit and screws.

This facilitates the economical continued use of the backplate and wash basin by removing the Original Auto Sensor and replacing it with the new model.

Autoflo Adapting Plate Assembly.

Supplied with:

1 –Auto Sensor Water Heater

1 – A.B.S. Cover plate

8 Fixing screws

1 – 2.5mm drill for fixing screws

Tools required:

30mm hole saw to drill back plate

Battery Drill

Screw drivers ect.

How to:

Isolate electric and water. Remove old heater.

Place new plate over the recess and locate on spout guide.

Line up plate and drill 6 x 2.5mm pilot holes for self-tapping screws.

Next drill the back plate for Cable re-entry at high level in back plate recess.

Fix new plate and drill 30mm hole for water pipe inlet.

Fit heater with 2 self-tapping screws into pre drilled holes.

Re-connect water and electric supply.